What families said about Caroline’s independent work:

  • “I contacted Caroline around 18 months after my 78 year old mother had a stroke as all improvement to her condition appeared to have ceased, and she was becoming depressed and withdrawn and even regressing. As well as improving both her speech and writing abilities, there has been a noticeable improvement in her confidence and hence her ability to cope in social situations which, I am convinced, would not have occurred without Caroline’s input.” J’s daughter


  • “My wife suffered a stroke resulting in a severe expressive dysphasia in January 2011. With Caroline’s sympathetic & highly pragmatic approach we have seen an improvement from “yes/no” responses to shopping alone with confidence & speaking effectively to friends & family on the phone. We hope for continued progress with the momentum provided by Caroline.” Y’s husband


  • “My father had a severe stroke in January 2010 which greatly affected his speech in terms of his ability to form words and to connect the right word to the right object or subject. About 6 weeks after the stroke Caroline started speech therapy sessions with my father. The family found her sympathetic but unpatronising approach very refreshing, Caroline was able to counter dad’s awkwardness with a cheerful attitude. Dad has made continuous, albeit slow progress with his speech and we can credit much of this to the sessions that he had with Caroline. I would recommend anyone who finds themselves in our unfortunate situation to use her services.” R’s son


  • “A big improvement in P’s speech. She has helped P’s speech and miming. More people understand P’s speech. Each lesson is different and Caroline listens to you when negotiating speech and language goals.” P’s partner


  • “She has helped him to think and try to concentrate. He listened and began to understand what had happened to him.” L’s wife